Unlimited Telecom CDR billing and support for life

Get unlimited Telecom CDR billing and support for only GBP59 (USD69) a month for life!

Take advantage of our lowest prices yet and bill all your CDR voice, data and service users and get unlimited support for a single low cost of only GBP59 (USD69) and for life.

This exclusive offer includes the following:

* Bill as many users, CDR records or sources as you need and pay only GBP59 a month for life
* Truly unlimited support: send us emails or phone us as often as you need
* Free updates of all software
* Free customer and distributor Web portal
* Free 30-minute training session to help you start using our systems quickly
* Get our innovative add-ons for a low price of only GBP5 (USD6) a month each
* Get our Radius integrations for only GBP8.5 (USD10) a month each

Dynasoft TeleFactura is already used successfully by hundreds of carriers around the world. Some are already turning up to several millions of USD a year with it.

The small print:
* Solutions included are our Windows application to do your billing and a Web portal for your customers and distributors
* Offer is available to new customers only
* Minimum contract is 6 months and is renewed on a 6 months basis
* Offer is limited to one offer per enquiring party and is valid for 15 days after a proforma or formal offer is sent
* This solution is self-hosted. Host it on one of our servers with a Windows VPS for only GBP30 a month (2 GB RAM, 50 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth). Full list of VPS servers available here.
* If the Web portal is hosted by us, the monthly hosting cost is GBP5 (USD6)
* Payments through online services such as Paypal attract a transaction fee of 4% to cover for part of the 5% Paypal charges for transnational payments. This fee is reduced to 3% after 12 months.
* Follow this link for a copy of the SLA for our support service
* Installation, bespoke development and training services available. Please enquire with us for pricing.
* Please follow this link for more information about our Telecom billing solutions

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