Perform all Telecom billing from only GBP30 (USD49) a month

Dynasoft TeleFactura Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Dynasoft Ltd are software developers and Telecom billing specialists based in the UK with operations worldwide and 10 years of experience in developing billing software solutions.

TeleFactura is Dynasoft’s flagship suite of applications for the Telecom world. It is the definitive BSS OSS Telecom billing and Radius AAA software platform. It can be used for voice, voip, mobile and data billing, call accounting and rating, data mediation, account reconciliation, Telecoms auditing and also has a full Radius AAA server.

TeleFactura Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a version of the software where Telecom operators looking for a mature billing solution only pay a set up fee and a recurring cost levied as a percentage of the CDRs rated by TeleFactura. TeleFactura SaaS can be hosted on your network or accessed in the cloud with an optional virtual dedicated Web server (latest Windows OS) available for a small additional monthly fee. Any number of other Windows/Web applications and sites may be hosted on this server. Access to the Web server is via the Web or Remote Desktop.

Prices for TeleFactura SaaS start from only GBP 30 (USD 49) a month. Add GBP 30 a month and a virtual dedicated Windows server is thrown in. There is no initial capital outlay with TeleFactura Software-as-a-Service. Dynasoft like to think of it as a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ service.

Dynasoft also offers the following add-ons:

  • Built-in Radius AAA server
  • Close integration with Sage Accounts
  • Close integration with popular online payment services like Paypal, SagePay,.. so customers and distributors can pay for their bills and purchases online
  • Help-desk and ticketing system for customers and distributors
  • Customer and distributor Web portal included as-standard with all versions of TeleFactura
  • Employees, distributors and sales people are given access to a Web CRM

All the add-ons are also available as part of the Software-as-a-service option. Finally, Dynasoft provides full pre and post-sale support and training.

Get in touch with Dynasoft for more exact information about options, prices and service rates or to request a free live online demo. Software demo can be downloaded from link in menu at top of page.

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Dynasoft publish a new demo and training video for their Telecom billing systems

Dynasoft have just published a new demo and training video for their Telecom billing programs which introduces TeleFactura and also goes through a few functionality and how these are used in the latest versions of the programme. These are:

* How to run the sample data in TeleFactura
* How to import text-based Call Data Records (CDR) formats
* How to create CLIs and associate them with customer accounts.

Follow this link to watch the video.

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Dynasoft at “Convergent Charging Africa Summit 2011″

Dynasoft announces it will take part in “Convergent Charging Africa Summit 2011″ from 6th – 9th June 2011.

Key topics during the conference will include:

* Strategy in a converged market
* Optimising system architectures
* System architectures that enable the convergent charging migration
* Strategies for achieving migration

Dynasoft will also talk about the following issues:

* The importance of driving increased customer service through convergence charging
* Utilising accurate billing to improve customer service excellence
* Using data to acquire and drive customer loyalty
* Identifying areas of customer growth

More information about the conference:

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