Facturation télécom et support illimités

Facturation télecom et support illimités avec intégration SEPA, Paypal, Authorize.net, Sage, Xero, Radius Manager et TekRadius

Dynasoft TeleFactura est la solution de logiciel switchless télécoms BSS OSS convergente de facturation Télécom voix, données, services récurrents (WLR), voip avec serveur Radius de référence pour opérateurs et revendeurs télécoms et taxiphones offrant des services de voix et data. Facturer et gérer des milliers d’utilisateurs voix et données sont rendus très aisé. Possibilité d’options délocalisées et hébergées sur serveur VPS afin de minimiser le coût d’investissement.

Offre spéciale!

Logiciel de facturation télécom et support illimités depuis la récolte des données CDR, la gestion clients/distributeurs/fournisseurs, la facturation et publication des données en ligne sur le portail clients, plus le support illimité, etc…Tout cela pour seulement GBP50 (EUR59) par mois. Ceci comprend:

* Installation des logiciels et applications Windows gratuites sur votre propre serveur
* Formation de 30 minutes gratuite
* Toutes les mises à jour gratuites pendant un an
* Portail Web clients et distributeurs gratuit
* Prix spéciaux pour nos options ‘add-ons’: payer GBP10 (EUR12) par add-on et par mois au lieu de GBP29 (EUR36)

Plus d’information est donnée en suivant ce lien. Prenez contact avec nous ici. Nous parlons français et avons 12 ans d’expérience du marché français.

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Get a Telecom customer care add-on for free

Get a customer care add-on for ISP billing software, Dynasoft TeleFactura for free

We all know how important it is to have a good presence on the Internet. Getting quality content out there that does justice to all the hard work that goes into developing one’s products and services is often difficult to achieve. It is with this in mind that Dynasoft are running the following offer available to all it’s existing customers:

Get 12 months’ use of either the Dynasoft Help-desk add-on or the payment services portal for free!

All that is asked is that a page be dedicated on your website to our billing platform, TeleFactura with a brief review and a link back to our website.

This offer is worth GBP228 (USD359)!

A demo of the add-ons can be viewed here.

Please get in touch with Dynasoft to take up this offer.


* The offer expires Nov. 30th 2015
* The add-on will be activated 1 week after the Web page has been uploaded
* The page needs to be available for the duration of the offer (i.e. 12 months) or more

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Full Telecom billing bureau service available from only GBP99 per cycle

Worried that Telecom billing and mediation might use up too many of your company’s resources? Let Dynasoft’s Telecom billing bureau take the complex nature of voice and data billing out and carry out all your billing needs for you. Dynasoft will perform the following tasks as part of its bureau service:

  • Obtain CDRs from your switch(es), carrier(s)
  • Import all CDRs into TeleFactura
  • Take receipt of your latest customer data from you
  • Process your CDRs according to your tariffs and policies
  • Prepare and publish itemised call statements and invoices for your customers via Telefactura Web Access (hosted free by us)
  • E-mail all invoices and call statements to your customers and/or you and finally
  • Send you a file of billing details for import into your accounting system

Costs are competitive and are broken down as follows:

  • GBP149 set-up
  • GBP99 per billing cycle (for every set of 500 customers; 3000 CDR-based DIDs; 3000 CDR-based recurrent service numbers; 3000 CDR-based data service numbers; 1000 various items (non-CDR-based charges); 20 price lists; 15 CDR formats or 5GB of data, whichever is the greatest)
  • Hosting by us of TeleFactura Web Access, a Web portal for your customers and distributors: GBP9 set-up, GBP9 per month (for every 2GB of disk space)

Please get in touch for more information about this unique offer.

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Dynasoft TeleFactura Telecom billing and SEPA now fully integrated

telecom billing sepa

Dynasoft TeleFactura is now fully integrated with SEPA

What is SEPA?

SEPA is a set of regulations that harmonize the way people/businesses in Europe make Euro payments. It standardizes the way European banks and financial institutions interact. It provides a single means of transferring funds between banks. It makes all payments domestic rather than cross border payments.

The deadline for businesses to comply with SEPA was Feb 01, 2014.

Features offered by TeleFactura:

* Define SEPA parameters for the customers: The unique mandate reference code (MndtId), the direct debit sequence and mandate signature date (DtOfSgntr), …
* Define global SEPA parameters:
   - Define Group Header elements such as: MessageIdentification, Name, Identification, Proprietary, …
   - Define Payment Information elements such as: PaymentInformationIdentification, PaymentMethod, ServiceLevel Code, LocalInstrument Code, SequenceType, Name, IBAN, BIC, Identification, Proprietary, MandateIdentification, RequestedCollectionDate, Unstructured, EndToEndIdentification, …

Once configured, bill customers as you used to and TeleFactura will generate all required xml files automatically, ready to be forwarded to your bank!

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Announcing the release of a brand new demo of Dynasoft TeleFactura

Dynasoft have released a new version (v5.62) for the demo of their popular Telecoms billing, reconciliation and rating software, Dynasoft TeleFactura.

Discover the new features here. Download the new demo here.

This new version includes over 1100 hours of development.

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Customers enjoy a number of unique benefits with Dynasoft’s solutions

  • Cost of their Telecom billing solutions starts from only GBP30 (USD49) a month for their full suite of telco billing applications (SaaS version)
  • At the top end of the cost bracket of their SaaS service, there is a maximum cost which enables the billing of an unlimited number of CDRs and service charges
  • They are able to offer local support in many cases thanks to an extensive network of resellers world-wide
  • Their support service includes unlimited support and, uniquely, free limited software development should you have the need for a change in the software or a new feature
  • Your own language will be supported in the software at no extra cost with the annual support service
  • Dynasoft have made the integration of third party applications one of their strong points: they are the only providers offering support for Sage Accounts, Xero, TekRadius and Radius Manager in a Telecom billing system
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Dynasoft TeleFactura – New feature-rich Ticketing and Help-Desk Web Application

Dynasoft TeleFactura now offers a full-featured ticketing and help-desk system that is seamlessly integrated with all applications included in the TeleFactura suite of Telecom billing products. Functionality offered include:

1. Tickets

  • Unlimited tickets, users, assignment groups.
  • Users without accounts can track their tickets and add comments using a password appended to the url link in the email sent to them.
  • Each comment allows individual file attachment (this can be turned off).

2. Tags

  • Unlimited tags can be created with unlimited “nesting”.
  • Tags can be set to administrator visibility only.
  • Ticket assignment and routing.
  • Tickets are assigned to a group that can contain one or more users.
  • Tickets can be filtered and sorted by status, priority, due date, created date, group assignment, description, and requester.
  • Search allows search by ticket or any text field.
  • Allows assigned users and administrators to enter work hours.

3. Administration

  • Provides the ability to restrict attachment upload to registered users or administrators only.

Click here for more information.

Please enquire with Dynasoft for more information here.

To view a demo of the TeleFactura Help-Desk, please go to this page.

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Telecom billing and Xero Accounts with Dynasoft TeleFactura

Dynasoft TeleFactura is now closely integrated with Xero. Functionality offered include:

  • Export, modify or delete customer accounts to Xero
  • Export, modify or delete supplier accounts
  • Export, modify or delete customer bank details
  • Export, modify or delete customer credit card details (Sage only)
  • Export customer transactions to Xero (invoices, credit notes, payments, direct debits, credited amounts to the Debtors control account,…)
  • Replication of all contact details from TeleFactura to Xero

Click here for more information.

Please enquire with Dynasoft for more information here.

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Full support offered for TekRadius and Radius Manager

Dynasoft TeleFactura Engine already supported TekRadius but now also supports Radius Manager thereby enhancing its Telecoms capabilities even more.

This integration allows the programme to offer the management of customer accounts in prepaid mode. This means TeleFactura can tell Radius Manager to block accounts that fall below certain parameters determined by the programme, such as the credit limit of the customer or the limits imposed by the voice price plans.

Furthermore, TeleFactura sends the user’ complete details to Radius Manager via Radius Manager’s database, including the credit limits identified in TeleFactura.

Finally, all of Radius Manager’s data and voice call data records can be imported and billed by TeleFactura.

Find out more about TeleFactura and Radius Manager here.

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Dynasoft TeleFactura SaaS – New lower and simpler rates

Dynasoft have simplified the way they charge for their SaaS service. Where before they were charging usage based on the number of CDRs billed by TeleFactura, they now only charge a flat fee for each increment of CDRs billed by customers. The same has been done for the various items, recurrent services and data CDRs.

This means that at the top end of the scale of increments, they now only charge GBP100 per month no matter the CDR usage billed by their SaaS service.

Please get in touch with Dynasoft here for more information: Click here

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