New Cloud-based Telecom billing service slated for 2021

To support the growing number of customers and partners, Dynasoft are announcing the release of a new Cloud-based Telecom billing system which is due for release and launch in Q3 of 2021. It will use the latest Web development tools and be based on C# MVC for the Bootstrap framework. The new system will dramatically extend the rich set of functionality already offered by TeleFactura but this system will be all web-based.

The new service will give customers and partners a new way to take full advantage of the information and data that sits at the heart of every Telecom business. The new upcoming cloud-based approach will provide customers with the capabilities and tools required to manage information, bill Telecom users and re-think how software supports their organizations, enabling secure access to your information – anywhere.

Below are just a few screenshots taken from the new service:

- Telecom user account -

- Configuration -

- Billing files -

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