Getting the most out of Dynasoft’s Customer care portal

Dynasoft have just completed the development of a new version of TeleFactura Web Access, the Web portal for your customers and distributors that bolts onto the main billing programme.

The Web Access now includes an improved help-desk and a portal to enable a Telecom operator’s customers and distributors to remit payments via Paypal, and GlobalPay/RealEx. It is also now fully localized and able to detect the user’s culture settings and switch to their language automatically.

To ensure Dynasoft’s customers are using this portal and getting the most out of it, Dynasoft are running a special offer that includes:

* Dynasoft will install the portal on a customer’s Web server so they are using all of its capabilities for a one-time fee of GBP39.
* Get the help-desk and payments optional add-ons for a one time fee of GBP229 instead of GBP299.
* Do you need customization done so the look and feel of the portal match those of your company’s Website? Dynasoft will integrate the portal with your website for a low rate for web design work of only GBP19 (USD25) an hour.

A full working demo of the Web Access is available at this location:

Offer is valid until 19/11/16.

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