Full Telecom billing bureau service available from only GBP99 per cycle

Worried that Telecom billing and mediation might use up too many of your company’s resources? Let Dynasoft’s Telecom billing bureau take the complex nature of voice and data billing out and carry out all your billing needs for you. Dynasoft will perform the following tasks as part of its bureau service:

  • Obtain CDRs from your switch(es), carrier(s)
  • Import all CDRs into TeleFactura
  • Take receipt of your latest customer data from you
  • Process your CDRs according to your tariffs and policies
  • Prepare and publish itemised call statements and invoices for your customers via Telefactura Web Access (hosted free by us)
  • E-mail all invoices and call statements to your customers and/or you and finally
  • Send you a file of billing details for import into your accounting system

Costs are competitive and are broken down as follows:

  • GBP149 set-up
  • GBP99 per billing cycle (for every set of 500 customers; 3000 CDR-based DIDs; 3000 CDR-based recurrent service numbers; 3000 CDR-based data service numbers; 1000 various items (non-CDR-based charges); 20 price lists; 15 CDR formats or 5GB of data, whichever is the greatest)
  • Hosting by us of TeleFactura Web Access, a Web portal for your customers and distributors: GBP9 set-up, GBP9 per month (for every 2GB of disk space)

Please get in touch for more information about this unique offer.

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