Dynasoft TeleFactura Telecom billing and SEPA now fully integrated

telecom billing sepa

Dynasoft TeleFactura is now fully integrated with SEPA

What is SEPA?

SEPA is a set of regulations that harmonize the way people/businesses in Europe make Euro payments. It standardizes the way European banks and financial institutions interact. It provides a single means of transferring funds between banks. It makes all payments domestic rather than cross border payments.

The deadline for businesses to comply with SEPA was Feb 01, 2014.

Features offered by TeleFactura:

* Define SEPA parameters for the customers: The unique mandate reference code (MndtId), the direct debit sequence and mandate signature date (DtOfSgntr), …
* Define global SEPA parameters:
   - Define Group Header elements such as: MessageIdentification, Name, Identification, Proprietary, …
   - Define Payment Information elements such as: PaymentInformationIdentification, PaymentMethod, ServiceLevel Code, LocalInstrument Code, SequenceType, Name, IBAN, BIC, Identification, Proprietary, MandateIdentification, RequestedCollectionDate, Unstructured, EndToEndIdentification, …

Once configured, bill customers as you used to and TeleFactura will generate all required xml files automatically, ready to be forwarded to your bank!

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