Dynasoft TeleFactura – New feature-rich Ticketing and Help-Desk Web Application

Dynasoft TeleFactura now offers a full-featured ticketing and help-desk system that is seamlessly integrated with all applications included in the TeleFactura suite of Telecom billing products. Functionality offered include:

1. Tickets

  • Unlimited tickets, users, assignment groups.
  • Users without accounts can track their tickets and add comments using a password appended to the url link in the email sent to them.
  • Each comment allows individual file attachment (this can be turned off).

2. Tags

  • Unlimited tags can be created with unlimited “nesting”.
  • Tags can be set to administrator visibility only.
  • Ticket assignment and routing.
  • Tickets are assigned to a group that can contain one or more users.
  • Tickets can be filtered and sorted by status, priority, due date, created date, group assignment, description, and requester.
  • Search allows search by ticket or any text field.
  • Allows assigned users and administrators to enter work hours.

3. Administration

  • Provides the ability to restrict attachment upload to registered users or administrators only.

Click here for more information.

Please enquire with Dynasoft for more information here.

To view a demo of the TeleFactura Help-Desk, please go to this page.

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