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Telecom billing service provision and implications for Data Protection Laws

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provision is becoming an increasingly popular way of delivering many services, one of them being Telecom billing services. However current data protection laws in both the UK and EU present a number of challenges to SaaS providers. -European … Continue reading

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Telecom billing with payment portal for Paypal, and GlobalPay

Dynasoft launches its new Telecom billing and payment portal with payments through Paypal, and GlobalPay/RealEx Get your Telecom customers to pay for invoices and purchase goods and services online through Paypal, and GlobalPay thanks to Dynasoft TeleFactura. It … Continue reading

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Full Telecom billing bureau service available from only GBP99 per cycle

Worried that Telecom billing and mediation might use up too many of your company’s resources? Let Dynasoft’s Telecom billing bureau take the complex nature of voice and data billing out and carry out all your billing needs for you. Dynasoft … Continue reading

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Dynasoft TeleFactura Telecom billing and SEPA now fully integrated

Dynasoft TeleFactura is now fully integrated with SEPA What is SEPA? SEPA is a set of regulations that harmonize the way people/businesses in Europe make Euro payments. It standardizes the way European banks and financial institutions interact. It provides a … Continue reading

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Announcing the release of a brand new demo of Dynasoft TeleFactura

Dynasoft have released a new version (v5.62) for the demo of their popular Telecoms billing, reconciliation and rating software, Dynasoft TeleFactura. Discover the new features here. Download the new demo here. This new version includes over 1100 hours of development.

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Dynasoft TeleFactura – New feature-rich Ticketing and Help-Desk Web Application

Dynasoft TeleFactura now offers a full-featured ticketing and help-desk system that is seamlessly integrated with all applications included in the TeleFactura suite of Telecom billing products. Functionality offered include: 1. Tickets Unlimited tickets, users, assignment groups. Users without accounts can … Continue reading

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Telecom billing and Xero Accounts with Dynasoft TeleFactura

Dynasoft TeleFactura is now closely integrated with Xero. Functionality offered include: Export, modify or delete customer accounts to Xero Export, modify or delete supplier accounts Export, modify or delete customer bank details Export, modify or delete customer credit card details … Continue reading

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Full support offered for TekRadius and Radius Manager

Dynasoft TeleFactura Engine already supported TekRadius but now also supports Radius Manager thereby enhancing its Telecoms capabilities even more. This integration allows the programme to offer the management of customer accounts in prepaid mode. This means TeleFactura can tell Radius … Continue reading

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Get 30 minutes of free training when you buy any TeleFactura product

Dynasoft are giving away free training so you can get up-and-running with their Telecom billing solutions even more quickly. Simply purchase any of their lifetime or Software-as-a-Service licences and claim your free 30 minutes of training which will be organised … Continue reading

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Perform all Telecom billing from only GBP30 (USD49) a month

Dynasoft TeleFactura Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Dynasoft Ltd are software developers and Telecom billing specialists based in the UK with operations worldwide and 10 years of experience in developing billing software solutions. TeleFactura is Dynasoft’s flagship suite of applications for the Telecom … Continue reading

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